Christmas cracker with chocolate papillotes (6pcs) - green

Wrapped in golden sparking paper with fringed ends. Inside there is a little note written on it. The papillote was created in Lyon at the end of the 18th century.

Nowadays they are a delicious French Christmas tradition, sold massively in shops at the end of each year. They usually decorate the Christmas table and are an essential element of Christmas traditions in France.

6pcs of chocolate papillotes include 3 random flavors :
- Dark chocolate
- Milk chocolate
- White chocolate

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1. Dark chocolate (red packing) : 66% dark chocolate ganache; Almond & hazelnut praliné with crispy crepe 2. Milk chocolate (green packing) : 40% milk chocolate ganache; Almond & hazelnut praline 3. White chocolate (gold packing) : blackcurrant pureé ganache

  • Customers will need to pick-up at specified store in Hong Kong.
  • The earliest pick up time of confirmed order (with payment) before 6pm is 3 days after.
  • The pick up location CANNOT be changed after confirmation.

Chocolate and confectionery products are suggested to be kept in a cool and dry place within temperature between 16°C-18°C (60°F-64°F), away from any odor, sunlight and intense heat.

  • Product might contain nuts, milk, egg, gluten, soy and wheat.
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