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Item includes :
1. agnès b. Champagne Brut, Louis de Sacy, France
2. Classic French treats
3. Assorted chocolate truffle (12 pcs)
4. Assorted chocolate carrés box (16 pcs)
5. Christmas rabbit musical tin with raspberry & chocolate oat crunch (12 pcs)
6. Fortune biscuits (20 pcs)
7. Raspberry & caramel chocolate puffed rice pop
8. Christmas cracker with chocolate papillote (6pcs)
9. Christmas star ornament with traditional fleur de sel caramels (5pcs)
10. Musical tin with gingerbread cookies (8pcs)

*order before 6pm, the preparation time is 7 days.
*order after 6pm, the preparation time is 8 days.

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